Some plans for today

We will travel about ten kilometers to Yacht Haven.  There, we’ll pay the remainder of our bareboat charter, and leave one piece of luggage, with sailing gear (heavy), that we will not schlep around Thailand on our travels.

Buy a couple of SIM cards for our unlocked iPhones, suspend ATT service and act like long-term expats.  Maybe someday for real…

We have also arranged long-term traveler (sailboat cruiser) mail-forwarding.  They scan the enevelope, which we can read on the net and decide shred, hold, forward, or “open and scan contents.”  Complex, but very useful. Saint Brendan’s Isle — an imaginary island off the coast of Africa —

We have a sixty-day visa for Thailand, good for one entry.  We’ll get a new visa when we return from Bali in two months, just in time to fly back home.  Plan ahead!

We got some exciting news from Rachael, my daughter — baby-in-belly is healthy and well. We are all very excited and happy.

After a tedious time, during which the Elite Yachting people had to inspect every single one of my 60 twenty-dollar bills two times.  And rejected ten “not high enough quality”.  Only in Thailand. They are graciously holding one suitcase until we get on the boat, 3.March.

Then off to a Turkish restaurant for lunch.

The lamb kebab and humus and babaganoush were particularly good.  And the conversation with the world-traveler owner, Khun Metin.

The pictures in this blog were taken with two iPhones and a brand-new, not yet completely-under-control EOS Canon T6 with two lenses: 18-55mm macro and 35-300mm telephoto zoom. Flash rarely. Usually in full-auto mode. This camera can become a wifi hotspot and the iPhones can login to the camera. Wow, really?

Then the iPhones upload media directly to the wordpress media library for this site. We’re very modern.

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