Hanging Around Bang Sak – West Coast


It’s official. We like it here. We can picture ourselves living here. We stayed in an Airbnb in Bang Sak (a village between Kapua Pa on the north and Khao Lak on the south).  Third floor up, over a charity training school for Thai people.  Two bedrooms, limited kitchen, street noise and comfortable bed with lots of “air-con”.  Nice jungle view from the porch and a yoga mat.

On the way to here we bought food in the supermarket to cook, and did indeed cook one dinner.  Shopping is a whole different kind of experience because two thirds of wht’s on the shelves is a complete mystery. Everything is only in Thai, and go figure what is Gluten Free. Ori made smoothies (watermelon, pineapple, mango, banana, etc.) and ‘Die-sa’ for breakfast–we did manage to find Australian quick oats.  Lots of hot water for showers, reliable internet (although a bit slow – and we’re uploading a Lot of Pictures).

It was our base of operations for those challenging five-minute walks to the beach, to go to cooking school and to wash elephants.  We rented a scooter and zoomed around the neighborhood, dodging the “Scandinavians” who are intent on getting the best sunburn possible.

The beaches are vast, clean and free. The Indian Ocean is the calmest we have ever seen. According to Ori’s creed we have to go down every evening to swim and watch the sunset. The ocean then feels like an endless warm-water pool that stretches from one end of the world to the other.



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