Pakinna Cooking School in Khao Lak (pictures to come once we figure out how to upload them)

Do you want lunc? Mistake? That’s what I thought. It took me a couple of days to figure out that lunc is lunch and branc is branch. You got the idea – no ‘ch’ in Thai language.

One morning in our Airbnb in Bang Sak we decided on Thai cooking school. A brief search in Trip Advisor recommended a school in a town about 30 minutes south of us, and  it was about to begin in 30 minutes in the local market.

South we went zooming on our scooter, searched and searched and never found the group or the market. A bit disappointed we proceeded to find the school itself. Here a lovely surprise awaited us. We were welcomed warmly with a cold bottle of water and were asked to wait in the scene of the crime itself for the group to arrive from the market. Oh well, we missed the shopping part but the rest of the day exceeded our expectations!

We were a group of about ten people, mostly Germans, and each of us chose the dishes we wanted to cook. The table was set for our specific orders and Vandy, the chef and main teacher, instructed us according to the order of the dishes. First we learned how to make egg rolls, then Tom Kha soup. Some of us cooked Pad Thai and some Pad Sew Wee.

For dessert we learned about dishes I never heard of before.

The ingredients were top quality and the taste divine. We each got to eat our own dishes and taste what everyone else cooked.

The atmosphere was fun, inquisitive and friendly. We especially befriended Anne-Fleur Schoch, a young singer from Hamburg who turned out to be a sweet music wedding singer and a punk rock screamer.

We shared Thailand experiences and travel plans. This seems to be the way here each time we meet other travelers. Friends for a brief moment in time.




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