Khao Sak redux – jungle trek

We booked a full-day trek in the Khao Sak National Park “seven waterfalls” (more or less).  (And “waterfall” means rapids in the rainy season.  We’re in the dry season, so “waterfall” means “pool” in the river.) And these are beautiful pools – we swam twice.

Oud was our guide and told us all about the flora and fauna. He grew up in the area, and in the rainy season, he works in agriculture: palm oil, bananas, and more.  A hardworking guy with a wife and two young children.  He kept encouraging us to come back next year.  Fun.

We saw: monkeys, lizards, birds,spiders; lots and lots of plants.  This is a tropical rain forest, with many bamboo, rubber trees, banyan and more.

For me the height of the day was seeing the elephant trail leading from the road, up a very steep slope.  Big footprints.  Big.

Or the height was seeing long-tailed Macaque monkeys and Dusky Langur. Always a male-female pair, mostly with a bunch of young.  In the wild, we spot them by listening, listening for the sounds of the monkeys leaping from tree to tree. “Crash crash”.  Then look, carefully.  The male always leading the move through the trees.  Eating leaves constantly.

Swimming was wonderful and relaxing, The water just a bit cool, sharing with water spiders and fish.

We did see an eagle. Soaring high, hunting.

Many large an vari-colored spiders.  Our guide would pick them up for us to examine, “This one not toxic.”

We reached pool number six, swam and began the long hard walk back.  I was pushed pretty hard.  Ori too.  But we had expected that when we booked the full-day trip.

Near the end, we saw a troop of Dusky Lemurs, clearly used to begging food from the human animals.  Lots of young tussling together in the leaves by the side of the road.

The crew at the end — just a bit of sweat saturating our clothes.


Around town with driver and child.

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