There is a Chinese Beachhead

Don’t Panic! Stay Calm! It is true that there is a Chinese Beachhead on the Island of Koh Naka Noi. There’s clear evidence: multiple floating docks, many shelters (thatched and otherwise roofed), many support buildings, housing for Thai laborers (forced labor?).

We were eyewitnesses of the day’s last departure of Chinese occupiers. Many were wearing the signature chiffon dress of that division.

Sad, very sad. We were hoping for a day’s end Chang beer and a snack. Nothing to be had. Nothing. Closed. Shut. Segur. Geschlossen. Very sad for us. (The dock hands were, however welcoming and helpful — but no food or drink).

We returned to our boat and waited for morning, planning on avoiding the return of the occupying visitors.

Our embedded beach spy reports that many many boatloads of Chinese “visitors” arrive every day in the afternoon. What islands have they been reconnoitering? They take shelter under the thatches and are served some sort of food and drink. No one swims. Not one swimmer. (Well, the beach is really a loooong muddy sand flat anyway. No fun.

Then, just before sunset, they all leave on the boats again: mostly fast power boats, good at avoiding capture.

What are they doing?

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