It was inevitable

Yes, the day has come for us to fly back to Colorado. Tonight to Seoul and then the long leg to Seattle.

We stayed two nights in luxury and beauty at Dewa Phuket Resort, just south of the Phuket airport. Five minutes to the beach. Two pools. Wonderful spa massage staff. I had planned several weeks ago to get two massages before our departure — yesterday and today. Done.

I’m heart-broken to leave this beautiful, heart-warming country. Matan was right and we obeyed. The Thai language is a huge challenge and the alphabet is smashingly difficult: 42 characters, 15 diacritical marks. One would never be able to learn it. And all those curlicues? Huh? Leftovers from Sanskrit. But I would try.

Low costs, even low low low costs. We bought lots and lots of gifts. You will see.

Yes, this is Thai

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