Journey through Bali

We landed in Bali in the rainy season which is the “slow” season. we haven’t really planned anything, it just fit our schedule. On most days in the afternoon or during the night there were thunderstorms and pouring rain. We didn’t mind, We loved the lushness and the cloud formations over the volcanoes.

Bali is a small island and desperate for tourists, especially during the slow season. People are friendly and warm but there’s an intensity I recognize from Israel, to sell you on the place. Most of the people have never left the island, not even to neighboring islands. They are steep in their unique Dharma Hinduism and traditions, they are a minority in Indonesia, and they are poor. They constantly want you to appreciate their place, be happy, leave your money, and come back again with your family and friends.

I have to admit that as much as I loved the place, it became tiresome, especially with the hawkers who beg and beg of you to buy their merchandise at the entrance to all of the attractions. And you are expected to bargain and slice the price, and you are always in the dark as to what is the real price. It happened more than once that I saw the same thing I bought way cheaper one stall or one town away.

The surprising fact is that even in established stores you can bargain.

Saraswati the goddess of knowledge, science, and the, arts

Sita and Ram, statuses like this are everywhere. They are the foundation myth, figures from the Ramayana storyline.

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  1. I finally looked through your reflections and photos from your journey to Thailand and Bali. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I look forward to hearing about it in person.

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